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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
To me it's starting to sound like meat source issue. Where and what kind/type of ribs do you purchased. For me, I found that I couldn't purchase any ribs in a normal store. I have to find completely un-enhanced ribs, otherwise mine tended to come out tough.

I now never have tough ribs, never ever. You're welcome to try some of this:

1. Remove membrane the night before the cook.

2. Soak over-night in a mixture of water, apple juice, and some worchestershire, and of course on ice...

3. Morning; remove from soak, pat dry, and apply the rub about an hour before placing them on the smoker.

4. On smoker at 275+-. I use hickory smoke. At 1.5 hours I remove them and put them in foil, with a fairly heavy spritz of apple juice and worchestershire before sealing up the foil. I cook them in foil for another 2.5 to 2.75 hours, give or take. They're done at that time.

Oh, forgot, I cook baby backs. At 4.25 hours, they're right at falling off the bone, but with any luck not quite there...
Where do you suggest I get my ribs from??
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