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Default Brisket cherry being popped! (Pr0n)

Well, it is 11 degrees Celsius outside, the sun is shining and we are expecting to hit 20C today.
I have fired up the BSKeg and added some cherry, seasoned my first ever brisket according to the masterful Bigabyte's fantastic tutorial, folded and tied and put it in the keg.
I'll post some pron as I take shots, and in the meantime if you experienced brisket eaters would like to share your favourite ways of serving and eating brisket, that would be a big help.
The only brisket I have eaten has been in Asian countries, and believe me when I tell you it was prepared in a whole other way!

It is from a producer called Cape Grimm, the cattle live in pristine environments in Tasmania and it is a top echelon product so I am really hoping I do not screw this up!

So far, I have dusted it with garlic powder, fresh ground black pepper and Murray River salt flakes and that is all.
I'm avoiding herbs for the first brisket.
Wish me luck, brothers!
Hold my dang beer...
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