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Originally Posted by Grimm5577 View Post
I picked up a nice authentic steel wok online for about $30.
I've done fried rice many times and would give some comments.
- It's much better with day old rice, opposed to recently cooked rice.
- Right before you toss in the rice and everything else throw in an egg or two.
- A dash of sesame oil is also adds a nice nutty flavor.
- Sesame seeds and scallions to top it off.
I've generally always used frozen veggies for fried rice, never had a problem with them. I forget who, but someone makes a good frozen stir fry bag, with onions and peppers.
That sounds really cheap for a real wok, sounds like I should've done some more poking around before I bought the other one. I did try the day old rice on the next cook and it was better. As for the eggs, I wanted them in here but had none, they do add a great touch to fried rice. Have a severe sesame allergy so I although I love it, must avoid it like the plague lest I blow up like a Willie Wonka blueberry.

Completely missed the scallions too, will do on the next batch - thanks
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