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Originally Posted by jonmhenderson View Post
My firebox is pretty deep. Makes for a good ash catcher though. I had my guy make me an insert out of square tubing. I just put it in the fire box and set a piece of heavy duty expanded metal on it and the coals are near the lip/top of the fire box. It's been my experience with these kinds of cookers that the higher up in the box you get the coals, the better it cooks. The further down in the box you have the fire, the more wood it takes and your coals get smothered by ash. To me, the most important thing would be the insert and, at some point, switching to an Argentine V style parrilla cooking surface. If I knew then what I know now, I never would've sold my old Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters cooker. I would've simply had my local welder build a charcoal grate for it and retrofitted a parrilla style grate on it. I could have saved myself some bucks and frustration. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the info. Definitely going to be putting in a grate. Probably not going to buy it. Going to do some experimenting first and decide on exactly how I want it put together and go from there. Did you have the Parrilla made custom?

Originally Posted by SmokeDiddy View Post
uhhhhh...why not buy a OTS? Sorry for my ignorance, but I don't understand the concept of this style of grill. Else build a fire in the backyard and put a grate on top of it.

My favorite idea would be to dig a hole but I have a feeling the landlord would kill me.

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