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Default Frustrated with the rib guessing game


Still new to the game and I'm sure everyone goes through these struggles but I'm almost ready to whip my ribs under the tires of my RV for traction.

Most frustrating of all is I will hammer out an excellent rack of ribs, on perfect, then unfoil the ones right next to it and they are trash. Unfortunately sometimes they are all trash.

I can't seem to find the zone........I have tried 225-275, I always use a water pan, I cook on either an Onyx Oven or a 22" weber bullet. I use apple and peach wood commonly and lump charcoal. Membrane removed. I apply rub an hour or so before cooking and have foiled every way known to man, dry, 1/4 cup liquid, and all the usual goodies.

Most common results are dry and/or tough...........but this is even after hours in the foil and the bones almost blowing out.

The worst part is I have no confidence in my cooks..........instead I find myself "hoping" they are good instead of knowing they are good like it should be.

Any and all brutally honest critique is welcome
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