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Originally Posted by HankB View Post
I'm more concerned about how you're going to keep them. The scout camp I attended (as an adult) had no facilities in the individual camps to hold food. Scouts were absolutely forbidden to hold perishables between meals. any left over went back to the commissary. if your camp is like this and you violate the rules, how to you expect to convince the scouts to follow the rules? Of course every camp is operated differently and I suppose you've already made arrangements for storage. (and maybe you'll make the staff really happy on one of their late night forays into the camp cooler. )
Thursday night is the OA ceremony and parent night (no dinner provided), and that is when I will be arriving. Parents bring meals for the kids before heading to the ceremony. Being only about 90 minutes away, I'll just keep the ribs in the cooler and heat up when I get there with the troop supplies.
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