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Default Klose Backyard Chef Jr.

Does anyone have a Klose Backyard Chef Jr.? I'm currently having a smoker built by Lone star Grillz in Conroe Texas which is a vertical offset with a grill top firebox in design, (basically a Bandera on steroids). The closest thing that I could find to compare it to was the klose Backyard Chef Jr. which is smaller than Mine will be but the same basic design. I'm just curious as to how well it's liked by the owners and maybe what if any, kinds of learning curves I might prepare for with this design? I've been using traditional horizontal offsets all my life and decided to get the vertical from LSGs because it has a huge capacity, (6000 sq. inches of cooking area with the upgrades) and has a very small footprint, (2ft x 4 1/2ft). The design is one that I've always liked and I know that there are a lot of old Bandera owners who agree but mine will have a heat deflector, tuning plates, 1/4" steel construction and upgrades such as the 1/2" firebox with a warmer/oven and a 30" wide cabinet rather than the stock 24". I'm pretty confident that she's going to be a dream to cook on once I get the hang of her but being curious and impatient I have to ask if anyone out there has anything comparable in design? I've looked everywhere but have found nothing but the Klose to compare it to. P.S. My avatar is actually a photo of what the pit will look like.
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