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Default just another "what's best" thread

Hi guys! New to the forum here but I have been burning wood for a few years now.

I have a delima and would love to get some feedback.

For a few years now I have used a traditional steel pit. Firebox on the side and smoke stake on the other side. Nothing out of the norm.

I have gotten more into smoking lately than grilling and have come to the realization that It takes me ALOT of attention to maintain a constant temp on my pit. I was smoking ribs the other day (3,2,1 method) and my family was all watching a movie. i was in and out probably 5-7 times with in that 2 hour window just making sure the fire was still going and the temp was where it needed to be. I had to adjust for things and it took up a lot of family time.

Here are my questions, I have several so bare with me.

Question 1.

If I get a box made out of expanded metal to hold my wood and coal in my firebox will this help with fire/temp control? I feel like my fire goes in and out with little control and it is very difficult to get the new wood started that I throw on. I am told that this expanded metal box will let the ash fall out with out smothering the fire and it will hold the wood and coal together for a longer stronger burn.

Question 2.

I was thinking about switching all together to a BGE. I have done a lot of research and it seams like an amazing smoker. with almost a set it and forget it type of day.

Question 3.

Electric smoker, yay or nay??? I honestly do not feel like an electric smoker is for me but I do not want to just write it off either. For me if wood and coal are not your main heat source then it just does not seem like BBQ.

So, should I just make the switch? Or is their hope for my pit at home?
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