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Default HnF Brisky Help

I tried my first HnF brisket on Sunday. The wife wanted brisket and I knew I didn't have enough time to do low and slow, so I gave it a whirl. The brisket was a 9.66lb trimmed packer from Wal-Mart (I didn't know till afterward for HnF you want more fat). This packer was trimmed well. Very little fat left on it.

First off this was cooked on an Old Country offset. I used a small bag of Kigsford for the base coals then switched over to mesquite for the rest of the cook. The temp ran from 300F-350F for most of the cook. A couple of times it dipped down around 275 but not for long.

I wasn't exactly sure how to go about the process so I basically left it alone. Never wrapped it in foil or anything. Just cooked it. I never really got it to probe butter smooth, but got it as tender as I thought it would end up. I first checked it at 190F and I guess I let too much time go by as the next check was at 198. I finally pulled it at 201.

The brisket had a great flavor and everything was perfect other than it was a tad on the dry side. However, I wonder if that was due to the fact that this was a well trimmed packer.

I put this brisket on at 11:20 AM and it came off about 5:15. It only got to rest in foil and a towel for about 40 minutes since everyone was complaining they were starving to death.

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