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Default BBQ Injuries...what's yours?

I shared this on another thread, but I thought it might make a good discussion.

Here's my injury:

The short version is last Memorial Day, Costco had just switched over to St louis cut ribs. No problem, I thought. So I bought them and cooked them. I thought the cut looked a little sloppy along the bone/cartilage line, but whatever...ribs are ribs, right?

On my second bite on my first rib of the holiday, a spear shaped shard of bone shattered my tooth!!!! I'm not talking a tiny bone like you'd find in sausage or a bigger piece like a burger. This was a SPEAR SHAPED SHARD! It stood north and south as I began chewing and CRASH!!! The shard shot upward into my tooth and split it into three piece down to the root!

Bones are always a part of the eating experience...and maybe it's unfair to blame the additional sawing off of the cartilage end of the SLCs...but who wouldn't have an aversion to such a painful accident?!

Because of the holiday, it took two days to see any dentist on an emergency visit to temporarily patch me up (nearby dental school...a resident did the job, and not a good one.) Then another 6 weeks before I could get into my dentist. I still have much sensitivity on that even if a tiny piece of peppercorn gets chewed just right...ouch!!!

So, again, maybe my "beef" with SLCs is unjustified, but as anyone who's had a bad experience with tequila can tell bad experience can permanently ruin a good thing. (in fairness, I got back on the tequila horse pretty quickly...ribs? I haven't touched them in over a year.)
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