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Default Epic fodder for true! TD Entry Pr0n

So Aye was up in me Crows Nest today and Aye spied with me one eye, a couple of Noobian lauches that, once again, failed to strike their intended targets.
Aye scurried down the mizzenmast and made me way to the gangway and headed to the butcher's post haste. Upon me arrival a prize was awaitin me. It was a juicy, succulent Corned Beef Brisket she weighted nearly 4 pounds. I rinsed her out of her salts and flung her up on the gunwales to let her develop a wee bit of Pellicle.

Aye gave me missy a bath in some yellow mustard and applied a rub of fresh cracked black pepper corns, ground cardamon, garlic, onion flake, and secret spices.

Smoked it till 160 IT foiled and had to check on my naked fatty,

Pulled and rested the naked fatty and Pastrami then sliced her up thin.

Tossed a couple of pieces of Rye bread on the side burner of the gasser, added Swiss Cheese, and piled on the Pastrami.

Aye then topped it with Sauerkraut and the Naked Fatty slices

Plated it at the pit and ran into the galley to get me grub on!

Sliced and diced with the addition of a homemade Garlic Dill pickle for Ronelle!

The Bite

Thanks for lookin! Aye'll keep on plundering the Noobs!
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