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Default WSM long cook / temp advice

Hey Guys,

Was hoping i could get some advice for poper fuel setup for my new WSM 22.5". I've got some smokes in with it so far (used the Minion method for coal setup) but i haven't quite figured out the proper amounts of coals to run at a nice, low and slow 225, for an extended period of time. I did ribs and chicken lollipops this weekend and they came out excellent, but i ran into some frustrations when trying to get my temp to come down to anything below 250/260. I had all 3 bottom vents full closed, and the top 1/2 closed, but i still couldn't get my temp under control. Pretty sure my problems were because i just used to many coals.

Anyway, fathers day is coming up this weekend and i'd like to do pulled pork and ribs. I've read pork should go for about 10-12 hours at 225. About how much charcoal should i load my base with and how much should i light off in my chimney starter to be able to run for 10-12 hours at 225?

Thanks for the help! Just looking for some hand holding for my first, all day, low and slow cook.
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