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Originally Posted by ribslayer View Post
I've had a Vault for 3 years now and love it. Consistent every time.
However, that was not the story when I first used it.
Mine had the slide doors- one on each side. Way too much air leak. Fires were out of control- usually too hot. Adding water to the tray brought the temps down so I didn't ruin too many cooks.
Sealed up the one side completely and attached my Guru to the other side.
I can easily get 12 + hours on one full tray of RO lump and a few chunks of wood using the water tray dry.
Double the fuel requirement, maybe even a little more than doulble, if using the water tray with liquid in it.
Mine Vault is stored inside. No outside corrosion at all. Inside is all intact- no water tray leaks or seam separation.
I clean my grates with a large weed burner. I also use a diffusion plate in the fire chamber.
Middle of the winter Minnesota cooks, below zero outside temps and the Vault just chugs along.
I absolutely love this cooker.
Figured you would get more for a full load of charcoal, pretty rough to double if using water...big difference.

Also diffusion plate? Does it not have one? I saw there was a slide I think under the water pan, does the diffusion plate slide in the half L shaped bracket? Does it come standard on the vault?
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