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Angry 1st Post, Excited & Chewy Brisket

Hi guys 1st post here. 3rd brisket attempt first 2 were hot and fast....meh this one is low n slow. Before I get any flak I just wanna say I've been studying bbq for a while on multiple forums including this one with recipes and videos ranging from Myron's hot and fast to Franklin's low n slow...OK

11.75 (12 lb) packer brisket

Weber 18" smokey mountain

Minion method, hickory chunks enough for adequate smoke

Fat cap trimmed, additional fat trimmed as well

Salt and pepper 50/50 Texas style only

250 degrees 5:30am throw on time. Temps stable at 250 with maverick probe. Wrapped in butcher paper @ 170 degrees around 11am

Pulled off at 3pm at 195 degrees. Great looking bark, spritzed a couple times throughout to help keep moist.

Good clean heat and fire too. I seperated the point from flat AFTER rest to fire up some burnt ends.

Point & burnt ends were chewy and fat wasn't rendered how I wanted it to be. First serving slices of the flat were pull tender. But more towards the deckle was tough as leather. Smoke ring was present as well.

Consensus is 1-1 1/4 hours per LB of meat. What did I do wrong? I feel like I didn't cook it long enough :-/

Probe went in pretty easily too when I pulled it off to rest

Any bbq help out there????? Thanks guys -Jason
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