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Originally Posted by CambuiAl View Post
I love this stuff! A Tandor is a type of clay (i think) oven that are super-heated. The chicken then goes in on skewers, having been marinaded. I've seen some online shops in the UK selling them. If you ever had the Naan bread that it's often served with - these are slapped onto the ot sides of the oven with a spong that pushes them into shape quickly, before the chefs hands are roasted and then later peeled off. I've done a few batches of chicken tika skewers on the grill before, that i then use in pther curry recipes, as the marinated chicken and grilled taste works really well.

Yours look great - nice one!
Thank you! That's good to know. I knew that a tandoori oven gets pretty hot like 700+. I just tried to get my Weber as hot as I could (and still have room for the meat).
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