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Default Ruined my first brisket

Well, I started the morning out fighting with the UDS to get it up to temp, got some great advice and fixed that problem. I was so afraid that if I checked it periodically for tenderness that I would lose the heat and have to fight to get it back that I just let it cook at 250-260 for 8 hours without checking it. Needless to say, I over cooked the crap out of it, it shrunk to about half of its size and was uneatable. I forgot to put the diffuser pan on top of the basket since the bottom rack is 12inches from the basket and now I realize that I should have been checking it every couple hours. Thank god my wife had some chicken ready just in case so instead of brisket my family got chicken, VERY DISAPOINTING (for me at least). I think I know what I need to change now but it's still disappointed knowing that I failed and ruined a $30 brisket... Any advice for the next smoke? Thanks, Anthony
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