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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
If anyone NEAR ATLANTA,GA is looking for the perfect 55 gallon barrel for $20.00 to build a smoker (UDS-smoker) out of then give Charlie a call. These are UNLINED barrels so you don't have to burn the liner out and then wire brush it out after that (A lot of work)............

Not so true my friend about the perfect barrel or NOT having to burn them out because you can't see a liner. Unless you get a drum from right from a drum manufacturer or a reconditioning center, there will be a Liner in the drum. Its a Rust inhibitor and it is Clear. You think you are looking at bare metal, but your not. You still would want to do a burn out. just saying.

These barrels had food grade mineral oil in them and I did a scratch test and belive me there is no coating inside these barrels. I hear what your saying but believe me these are bare metal...I guess or would think that the mineral oil is rust preventive enough. BUT.....I did remove the paint from the outside with a weed burner so I guess you could say that it was burned out too.

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