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Originally Posted by Hozman View Post
I am not looking for your secrets to eternal youth but some inside thoughts or tips to help our brisket. We did our 3rd comp today and got our name called which was awesome.

However brisket has been our destroyer. It is always dry. I would like to explain our technique and then get input.

We smoke at 235* to IT of 165-170* We then wrap it in a liquid solution to finish it off to approx IT of 195* We then take it out and let it off gas and also separate point from flat. From there we cut our burnt ends which are always great and the flats go into the holding cooler for couple hrs.

Then we take them out and unrap. The foil is full of juices and when we make our cuts the slices just pour with juice. But by the time the box is finished our slices are so dry. So how do we keep our slices moist?
Injecting the brisket before cooking with a solution comprised of flavor and phosphates is very, very helpful.
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