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Default smoky joe pork fried rice

This was one of those days where I had no plan, all alone, & the fridge was pretty much empty. Poking around trying to come up with something to slap together when I happened upon two very thinly sliced pieces of bone in butt steaks in the freezer along with a bag of frozen veggies. Started thinking pork fried rice so into the pantry I went & there it was, the 9 year old box of uncle bens brown rice with just enough left in it to make the dish, then into the fridge to locate the even older bottle of soy sauce.

I've recently come across a contingent that thinks the smoky joe is without use & is best suited taking up space in a landfill. I find that to be absurd because I manage to find a use for the little guy nearly every day, today being no different.

about 1/3 of a chimney of Kingsford & a fist full of mesquite setup indirect, pork steaks rubbed with salt & pepper, lid on & let it get happy :

little while later all sliced up & ready to go:

get the wok screaming hot:

the prehistoric rice, frozen veggies & half a sliced onion that was also hiding in the fridge:

onion in first to saute for a few minutes:

then the rest of the stuff:

not sure where she came from

fry the crap out of it for a good few minutes:

and eat

not bad
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