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Originally Posted by Mccaf View Post
Hey Ron, Yes. I can access it on xxx.123 address. When you say public IP address of the router I am confused. In Airport Utility there is the IPv4 address listed- which is the same address as when I type in "IP" in Google search, So I am assuming this is my public IP address; in Airport Utility there is listed "Router address" . When I type in either address into a URL field I get a time out error.
Is the DNS Server address the address I should be concerned about?
No. The DNS server address is the address your router uses to find stuff on the internet. When you type in the DNS server translates that to an IP address the belongs to Google.

I don't have an Airport so I can't tell you which address is the right one, but using your browser go to and it will tell you what your public IP address is. that's the address you want to put into your browser when you are outside of your network (on your phone on 4G, for example). If the port forwarding works you should see the Guru web UI.

If you want to PM me the result from I can also try it from here.
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