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Originally Posted by bigdogphin View Post
You may check out Yoders as well. SAMs northwest bbq in Sherwood sells them and would save you a ton in shipping if you bought one from him.
I did look at those and many many others as well I have gotten a ton of PM's and looked around the threads pulling up on Google what everyone had in their signatures. I just wasn't happy with every aspect of each unit until I saw the Peoria Cookers. For me it makes the most sense and I am not so much looking to save money as I am looking to find the Perfect match for how I want to Smoke for the rest of my life in my own yard and garage situation. For me the search is over. I am a patient enough person where the wait is just all the more exciting when I finally get it. After all I waited 6 months for my Pilot Rock to be built and shipped to me. I paid near $500 for shipping right to my door, but I love it as a grill and it's always ready to go anytime I am. When I actually got it I waited another 3 months for the weather to clear so I could build the Brick structure it is now a permanent fixture in. The Great thing about the Peoria is even if I move it will go with me until my Dying days so I am all happy with knowing my search is over.
But Thanks for the help and the local reference.
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