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Originally Posted by jasonjax View Post
So Ron, being a fellow FEC-100 owner, I have to ask why you didn't go with a PG-500 or 1000 versus going gas?

I'm not hatin' on the gasser btw. I may own one again one day, but IMHO I feel with my PG-500 I get the best of both worlds. Convenience of gas, flavor of pellets, ability to smoke low n' slow or sear the hell out of a steak.

Just curious...
Fair question, Jason. Part of it was cost, part availability. The PG500 is $1600 and isn't available locally, so shipping would add to that. But, the cooking surface of the 500 is smaller than I wanted. Most of the time it is just two of us, but I tend to cook more than we need and use the extra later in the week or vac-u-suck for the freezer. The 1000 is a better size, but it is much more expensive.

I did think about a pellet grill and used my Memphis Pro on the deck all winter, but now it's in the comp trailer. I would love another Memphis Pro but that was out of the price range, too. The Saber seemed like a good choice, and my wife was comfortable with it, too, so she can use it when I am out of town.
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