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If you want to win you should cook at least 25% more product than what is required. The last people's choice I cooked had 50 judges that bought tickets (@$35 each) to try the ribs. We went through 9 racks of spares and I could have given out more. Of course not all went to the judges but it was a bit of a luxury to have extra. It takes at least 2 people to handle this type of crowd, one working the crowd and another cutting the ribs. Keep a bottle of your sauce handy for people to taste without a rib or put extra on the rib, samples of the rub you use (we put them in plastic shot glasses), a pile of napkins to give out and if you really want to impress them, offer some bottled water to the judges (especially if it is a hot day). Wet naps are also very popular. Tell people how you cook your ribs, how long they are on the smoker, what kind of wood you use, etc. They really like that. Make sure you have rubber gloves on and a clean shirt! Little things can swing votes your way.
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