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Default Final Ham pics

Sorry to bring this thread from the grave but I've been busy lately and I never finished this post. It's been looming over my head and I just have to add the final pics. As normal, I got eager and didn't get pics of the ham directly out of the smoker.

I started removing the bones and remembered I had to get some pics.

Here is the femur removed. It is going to turn into a tasty treat later.

This is a good shot of the side that didn't get cut up while removing the bones.

Slicing in action!

We ate a delicious meal then vacuum sealed all the remaining ham and down to the freezer it goes.

I received no complaints about the femur bone.

You may have noticed the boxes of cereal for making chex mix. If you've ever had extra space in your smoker and not filled that space with a pan of chex mix, you are missing out! If seasoned cereal soaked in butter isn't already good enough, adding smokey flavor pretty much makes it awesome.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this ham as it progressed (with a slight delay for the money shot).
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