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Originally Posted by blackeyedpig View Post
Thanks, this is the point I've been trying to get to. I don't understand why ghee isn't a staple in barbecue. It's shelf stable, has a high smoke point, tastes like butter and is available at a reasonable price at any Indian or international market and, I'm sure, on-line. Those worried that it will give their food an Indian flavor haven't tried ghee, it tastes like butter and nothing else.
Not to sounds like a smart @$$, but the reason why it is not a staple in bbq is because no one that i know if uses it and wins with it (in competition bbq) now if you go out there and become TOY in ribs using it and tell someone you are using it, it will become the next big thing in comp bbq and it will start to trickle down into back yard bbq techniques like squeeze butter.
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