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Originally Posted by benavidez View Post
i agree... Grassfed whole butter or GHEE tastes way better than margarine could ever wish to and if your worried that butter has to low of a smoke point use ghee which has a 400 degree smoke point and is super rich. Not to mention the positive nutrients of grassfed butter like butyric acid which has anti cancer properties and conjugated linoleic acid that aids in weight loss. yes good butter can help you lose weight..
Thanks, this is the point I've been trying to get to. I don't understand why ghee isn't a staple in barbecue. It's shelf stable, has a high smoke point, tastes like butter and is available at a reasonable price at any Indian or international market and, I'm sure, on-line. Those worried that it will give their food an Indian flavor haven't tried ghee, it tastes like butter and nothing else.
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