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Thanks, I was trying to stay around $2500. I love way the was cook but I like be able to lay 6-10 racks of ribs flat and not having to lift the top grate out of the pit to get to the lower grate. I want a removable or pull out fire box in the vertical pits. The party extended looks fine but when you add ss doors and other options it gets up there in price fast. The jambo is 1900 plus shipping to ca, ouch! How long can the jambo go without attention? Over night cooks? The PM safe is a $3$ pit. The party ext. with ss doors and some other options is about 2.6k+
You'll definitely have to tend to the fire in an offset. You can't go to bed and get up the next morning to instant BBQ like you can with a Pitmaker. Knowing how to work a fire and exactly when to feed it or stoke it is part of being a "pitmaster", which is why I enjoy offsets so much. It makes that awesome brisket or those amazing ribs that much more rewarding when you personally have so much more to do with the results other than loading a basket with charcoal and a couple of chunks, setting a Guru and going to bed, then waking up to see if the BBQ fairy came by while you were sleeping! BBQ is an art and a tradition and unfortunately it's getting lost in all of the gadgets and technology we have now. So as I step off of my soapbox I would suggest that you get the Jambo and learn how to use it. I think that you will fall in love with BBQ in a whole new way.
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