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Originally Posted by Deeg View Post
When you guys do the burn-out don't you get black soot on the inside of your barrel? Do you clean it off?
Not so much soot, per-se, but there is some burnt paint/liner/rust/other yuck and residue that needs to be removed. Most folks who have contributed to this thread have tackled it with a flap-wheel on an angle grinder or a wire wheel on a drill. Either one looked like too much work to me, so I had my drum sand blasted after burning it. It took 10 minutes and cost me $20, but it was worth every penny to me. Just my opinion - your mileage may vary.

And yeah - as JimmyK mentioned, check out your drum before having it blasted. The first thing the blaster asked me was if it was covered in rust. If it had been, he couldn't guarantee that the blaster wouldn't blow through it. Thankfully, my drum was in pretty good shape, with very little rust. Dented like all get-out, but very little rust...
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