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Originally Posted by titan7 View Post
I have 2 WSM, an 18.5 and a 22.5. I am thinking of selling the 22.5 and picking up either a backwoods party, a jambo backyard, or a pitmaker safe. I love the 18.5 for taking with me camping or to a friends house. I want the other smoker for capacity and well, pure want. I really like the look of the jambo but I am cautious as I have read the offset smokers are a lot of work. I have been smoking for 2 yrs, no competition q in my future. It's just a hobby.

Any advice welcome
Well being a lifetime offset user who enjoys tending a fire I would go for the Jambo but on the other hand you are correct that an offset is more of a challenge to maintain and if you're used to a more set it and forget it type of set up then the Pitmaker would be a great score! I guess it would depend on how adventurous you're feeling. All I know is, I sure wish that I could have had my first offset experience with a Jambo instead of a box store cheapo with thin steel and poorly fitted doors that needed mods to make it work right! If there ever was a time to buy an offset this is it and there are a lot of us here that can help you get the hang of it.
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