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Default Adding alcohol sales to catering service

Wondering how many of you have a alcohol license and sell beer/wine as part of your catering. I am considering adding it to our catering service and I can get a limited license here for $500 annual fee that allows me to do up to 12 events per year with alcohol sales. If I want the full license it is $1800.

My question is how do you price the service to clients? Say open bar vs cash bar. Is there a standard mark up that you put on say a beer or glass of wine?

I have checked into the insurance and it is not that high to add it to my policy (like $250 annually) Any other good info you may have as well. Not really looking for the stay away type comments, I have accepted what I am pursuing and already realize those kind of issues. I'm looking more for info on how to make it successful if ya know what I mean. Thanks
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