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Default How do guys with these big wood-eating smokers get the "blue smoke"?

At a comp recently, I took more notice to the type of smoke coming out of people's chimineys. I also took note of the type of fuel lots of folks were using.

It seems like most of the big reverse flow trailers were just stoking their fireboxes with wood logs.... and lighting them with weed burners at that... I saw very few charcoal bags around the big smokers.

I was under the impression that just burning wood like this would lead to creosote-coated meat. (Caveat: I don't know how well any of these teams did... But I know my UDS got us a call in one category with the sweet blue smoke :) )

Anyways, am I missing something? Is the "sweet blue" just a Brethren thing? Or do these fools just not know any better? I mean I saw $5-15K rigs pumping out plumes of the white smoke... Maybe I'm the fool for even asking the question... there's a village missing an idiot somewhere.
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