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Originally Posted by aawa View Post
I will agree that it is the cook and not the charcoal.

My friend brought over some match light to my house. I looked at him and told him to get rid of it. Well needless to say after drinking all night long he left it at my house.

I'm not one to throw something away, so I decided to use it to cook up some burgers and hot dogs. I just made sure that I didn't add anything to my kettle until the chemicals had burned off completely. The burgers and dogs turned out great. The coals though didn't have much life after allowing the chemicals to burn off. Maybe 1-1.5hrs tops.

Cooks need to learn how to overcome problems that might occur in their cooks. Knowing work arounds will help save you trips to the store as well as save meals that aren't going perfectly. I like to think of myself as a McGuyver cook. I look what I have in my pantry/fridge/freezer and then make a meal with what I have. Very few of my meals are completely planned out before I go to the store.

I have a confession: when I was starting with my $30 Walmart grill (that lasted a surprisingly long time) I always used match light. This is the same experience I had. By the time they had burned to the point that I was comfortable cooking with them there was very little time to actually cook.

Also, kudos for the Macgyver reference!
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