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Originally Posted by Smokin J's View Post
Ok, so I have only used KBB in my Webber. I need to try lump so help me a little: where is the best place to get it? And, what do I need to do with it to burn properly (I have seen many posts talking about uneven burn).
It seems like this thread is having the opposite effect. My premise is that it has been demonstrated that a good cook can get good results with kbb. My humble opinion is that blaming the charcoal for bad results is like blaming the type of cooker. It is the cook, not the charcoal. The type of charcoal is probably one of those last 5% things.

I can accept all the personal preferences for using lump. Ash, heat, belief of taste are all good, acceptable reasons to use lump. You like lump, I got no issues with you. I use both myself.

But, those that blame a drum or such not working correctly on not using lump, well, I think you got a few screws loose.

Where are all those kbb defenders we normally see pop-up?

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