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There IS an odor to KBB as it initially burns that is not present in any lump I've used.

BUT, my biggest gripe w/ KBB is the outrageous amount of ash it leaves behind.

I'm also beginning to think lump is actually more economical. Case in point- 2 WSM cooks ago, I did spares @ 250 for ~6 hrs., starting w/ a full ring. I shut it down. A few days later, I found some sweet Italian pork sausage in the fridge, went out to the WSM, lifted off the sections and saw ~1/2 of the ring left, w/ VERY little ash. This does not happen w/ KBB. I grabbed my Alaskan matchstick (sorry Texas brethren, but the flamethrower deserves a REALLY BIG ASS state name ), and fired up that remaining lump, and the WSM cooked @ 250 for 3 hrs, then I opened it up to 300 for an hour, then I took off the sausage (nice crispy skin) and let it stay at 270 for another hour before shutting it down. I haven't checked to see how much fuel is left, if any.

I swear lump is cheaper in the long run, and saves time by not having a chitload of ash to deal w/ after each and every cook.

Just my humble opinion. I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time (today).
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