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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
If you did the first three right you should be able to enter the public IP of your router (the one that Google reported) into Safari (or other browser) on your iPhone and see the web page from the CyberQ. You don't need an app for that.
Does this look right?

This is per instructions from this thread.

(9) "Router Mode" should be "DHCP and NAT". If it isn't, stop now.

(10) Under "DHCP Reservations", click "+" to add. Specify whatever name
you want for your CyberQ Wifi, enter its MAC address from step 6,
and pick an IPv4 address for DHCP to reserve -- I chose

(11) Under "Port Mapping", click "+" to add. Specify whatever name and
IP address you chose in step 10, and enter 80 for all the ports.

(12) Click "Update", which will power-cycle your Airport so that
all of these settings take effect. Wait for this to complete.
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