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Originally Posted by Gnomatic View Post
Yep! Have your router assign the CyberQ Wifi with a static IP address.(or you could manually configure the CyberQ Wifi with a static IP) Then just use the port-forwarding feature of your router to point traffic using port 80 to the static IP address you set the CyberQ Wifi up with.

After that, find the address assigned to you by tryping "What's My IP" in Google. Configure your phone's Pit Pall app(or something similar) with that IP address and you should be good to go.
Assigned static IP for the CQ; ✓
Set up the router to port forward 80; ✓
Find my IP per google; ✓
configure phone with PitPal, no go, my phone is an iPhone, this appears to be an android app. Would love to know "something similar"

So typing your IP address or router address into a url field will will not allow you access to your LAN.
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