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Originally Posted by Just BS View Post
How do you put your Maverick ET-732 grill thermometer into your UDS?

I have an exhaust pipe coming up the middle of my lid and I usually just drop the probe down thru there. Problem is that there usually is a piece of meat there so I don't think I am getting accurate readings. I though abough running it between the lid and the drum but I don't want to damage the cord.
I've tried different methods: through the exhaust, hole on side of the drum, grommets. Turns out the absolute best method for me was to take my angle grinder and drill a line about one inch long into the drum lid. This little notch on the outer rim lets you take the therm in and out so easily. No fiddling around with sticking it into a hole and removing it. It doesn't affect the exhaust at all because the hole is so small. Try it and you won't regret it. KISS
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