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Default About to order a smoker: Rebel or Stumps??

Guys need some major help, especially with the Rebel side. I currently have 2 large green eggs and a new primo oval Xl which I am now selling to help with buying the new smoker. I was set on the stump smoker as I know the dealer here in the area but came upon the Rebel after seeing Moe Cason using the hell out of it. I have never seen one in person or on the circuit around here or anywhere to be exact. I hear they are pretty popular in the Midwest.

I know there are some topics on here but they are really old and no one has posted in while. If anyone can post pictures of theirs and stories I'd appreciate it. I am pretty set on these two narrowed down too but all comments are welcome. If there is any negative on them I need to know about it, I talked to Brian of Rebel and he gave me his info but its good to hear from the actual cookers. Worries me they have only been around for 2 years and trial and error is still a factor iyam just like anything.

Thanks guys! Especially to help a newbie on here!
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