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Originally Posted by aawa View Post
I understand that KCBS rules allow for separating the point from the flat, however this is a TV show competition that is not governed by the KCBS and apparently was not against the rules laid down for the competition. The pitmaster didn't try to hide doing it in a trailer, he did it on camera, infront of everybody, and explained why he was doing it.

Nothing shady or inconspicous about it.

Reason I made this statement originally is because the majority of the episodes take place at other SANCTIONED events; majority being KCBS (correct me if I am wrong). And while it might not be sanctioned, several viewers may not understand that. Many of them watch the show to gain a better understanding of how it work in competition so some may take away from the show that you can do that. As was pointed out by another, KCBS is looking to address this next year.
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