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JR Manufacturing has a new model out, that holds about 600lbs of meat and takes up very little floor space on the line. Its the 250 RFS. I've talked to folks that own both and both say they produce an awesome product.

While the products produced in lots of Texas establishments are done the old school way, there are plenty of places / chains with Ol Hickory's, and Southern Prides. I'm not a fan but they seem to have cars out front when I drive by.

As most everyone here knows you can produce quality Que on anything as its the pitmaster and not the pit. I know guys who compete on Southern Prides with no gas and I've had their products and found it to be quite good.

I'm trying to figure out a way to get this done myself and wish you the best of luck!

I'll leave you with some wisdom that Amy Mills of 17th Street BBQ recently shared with me. "Always keep in mind that the loudest voices you will often hear are the bloggers and food critics and they set the tone in many corners of the country. You must be able to distinguish their {louder} voices from the voices of your actual customers."

Again, best of luck!
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