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Originally Posted by HookedOnQ View Post
Looks like this seasons the same layout as last season just with a guest judge each week. I like it but i still think the first season was the best yet
I think a lot of critics of season one was that they often ended up in places with bad weather, and a lot of the BBQ Pitmasters weren't placing in competitions.

Originally Posted by Shadowdog500 View Post
I didn't come in from my shop in time to watch the first airing and fell asleep about 20 min into the later airing. Any way to watch these today online or something?


Do they even show full episodes online like other channels?

Originally Posted by GMDGeek View Post
Things I took away from the airing tonight -

1. Guest Judging - interesting approach and will give a different perspective with each episode. I would like to see Triggs as a guest judge.
2. My wife noted - that the judge directly stated he didn't like sweet yet the other two did; then asked how can you be a judge if you can't put personal preferences aside and judge on the cook at hand? Hit pause and had a 20 minute discussion - was interesting.
3. Was disappointed that one cook separated the Money Muscle ... I know the cook is not standard sanction or anything but still found it to be lacking integrity.
4. They did a little better job of trying to highlight the different techniques/approaches each team took and the end result.
5. As a pit master you need to know your meats and what is possible!

Idea for an episode: Do a where are they now for the season one.

Yeah a lot of critics liked the change of format starting with season 3, but they somewhat criticized the fact a lot of technique was not being shown like in season 1

Originally Posted by jrickus View Post
Great show. I was tricked by "re-ignited" though. It seems they were shows which already had aired even though the DVR called them 1st runs. Cant wait to see more new shows.I know its helped to improve my BBQ since watching.
I was confused as well. IS Re-ignited an alternative recording of episodes that already happened because I don't remember any of those?
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