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Default Peoples Choice Ribs?

Howdy Folks,
I've got an upcoming competition that is going to feature a "Peoples Choice Ribs" category. I've done Peoples Choice Wings before, not a problem. I've done Peoples Choice Pulled Pork, once again not a problem. Peoples Choice Ribs... Problem!
Cooking ribs for a BBQ Judge, we do that all the time. We know the tenderness criteria.
However cooking Ribs for the General Public, I don't know. Thanks to places like Chile's and TG Fridays, most people expect ribs that "Fall off the bone." (I feel dirty just typing it.) So my question is this: Knowing that the ribs are going to the "General Public" and NOT a BBQ Judge. Would you recommend slightly overcooking the ribs to give people the "Fall off the bone" that they will be expecting?

Thanks for you feedback,
Granny's Gang Barbequ
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