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Cermak in Milwaukee has 6.6 pound bags on sale for 2/4/5 bucks so I picked up 4 bags.. Agree with it doesn' seem to burn as hot as other lumps.. Pieces were mostly avg with nothing real large and not too much useless stuff. Wasn't a fan of the aroma (Hard to explain the smell but it seemed pretty bitter?) to begin but, once it settled down I wasn't too worried anymore.

Only did some Turds, Hot Italians and cheese stuffed bacon wrapped meatballs on the 18.5 wsm with a hunk of cherry and was pleased with the end taste results.. I put a bed of maybe 3lbs of lump topped with roughly a 1/4 of a weber chimney of lit stuff and it locked in around 250 dome temp with the bottom vents wide open (outside temp upper 40's with a real light waffling back and forth from east to west wind.) seemed to run little lower than if I had my normal lump from sendiks in there..

Bottom line is I'll pick up some more bags for that price and I think if I loaded it up more I could get a good rib cook in and then some... amount of ash to be determined yet along with amount of heat produced.. I'm more of a 275 or so degree cooker so we'll see what it takes with the vents to achieve that.. my normal lump is no problem for me to get and hold around 275 with the bottom vents nearly shut down for 8 hrs.
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