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Originally Posted by angrybird View Post
Just came across this thread during a search.

Can you tell me the measurements of your final basket? Is it 18" diameter x 8" high with a 5" dia center ring? Or did you modify it at some point?

I'd like to try this as I like the idea of a more even dispersion of heat.

Do you think it is worth having several exhaust vents around the perimeter of the lid as opposed to one bigger single exhaust? Or does it not matter as much in your opinion? (I do prefer the appearance of a single pipe exhaust as opposed to several holes drilled in the lid).

mine is 18" and I think it's too wide, so the idea of a central ring seems quite good, but with three air inlets, and mostly having 2 closed, my worry would be one side of the 'ring' nearest the open inlet, burning out completely, and not spreading the burn around the ring.

I have a flat lid with the two exhausts - one 2" and one 3/4". I have an additional two 3/4" holes. So far, i have kept all 3 of the 3/4" holes capped and just used the big exhaust (but I am still learning about how the exhausts impact airflow and temps). Certainly rotating the lid without opening it seems a good idea if using just the 2" exhaust.

For my next build, I will make a more standard 14" basket I think. 18" seems too wide.
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