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Found some matches.
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Thanks RustyPup,

I haven't picked up a Yellow Pages in years thanks to the internet. Guess I'll have to find one somewhere! :)

The guy's I've spoken with have given me hourly rates and told me it would take an hour and a half! Thanks for giving me something to shoot for (especially knowing how long it should take) when cold calling.

Originally Posted by RustyPup View Post
AngryBird: I got into my Yellow Pages and looked up Sandblasting and Powdercoating. Both businesses do sandblasting, and can do the job. I just called all of the shops in my area and took the cheapest deal offered. The sandblasting shop I used quoted me $25 over the phone, blasted my drum while I waited in the parking lot, but charged me only $20 because it only took him about 10 minutes to do.

Most shops wanted to quote me their hourly rate and try to figure it out from there. I got estimates running anywhere from $40 - $75. The shop I used was a small father and son operation (with mom answering phones,) and they treated me right. I'll remember them when I need something else done.

Good luck!
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