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Originally Posted by Limp Brisket View Post
Have you considered an Oyler pit?

Comparo thread on Oyler vs Ole Hickory:

Based on your above post the Ole Hickory may be better for your goal(s), but an Oyler is worth a look at least.
I did look at the Oylers. Their standard pits are just way too big for what I need, so the only real option was the little red smokehouse for my capacity. When I was looking at another building that was tight on space, I was leaning toward that. Now, with space not being much of a problem, and the much higher cost of the Oyler, it fell out of favor.

Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
Have you been to this Michigan BBQ destination?

Dont short sell yourself on what we Yankees know about bbq.
I haven't been to Lockhart's yet, unfortunately. I don't get over to the east side of the state very often. But my sister lives in Warren so next time I go visit her I will make it a point to stop in.

Originally Posted by landarc View Post
I'll just add, I would posit that when operated properly and with good flavor profiles and proper tenderness, most people, and I mean even those who think they are BBQ purists, would not be able to pick out BBQ cooked on a Southern Pride or Old Hickory from other, more acceptable, pits. Consistency and the ability to enjoy your day will matter more. If you can teach a couple of other people to run your cooker, you will love the business a whole lot more. If you are the only person who can consistently produce your food, then you are going to have a much harder time.

In fact, in the restaurant business in general, consistency of product and service is the number one thing you must have, people must be able to rely on you to provide a good product, and good service, every single time. Great food and great service are bonuses, reliability is the key.
You hit the nail on the head. I want consistency, and I want to be able to achieve it without the entire business being a ball and chain tied to me and my ability to manage a pit. I want to serve people good food and be able to spend time with the customers, not spend all day and all night trying to wear too many hats and living on three hours of sleep only to get burned out.

And the ability to do overnight cooks without me being there, or paying staff to sit around all night tending a fire (and stressing out about whether or not they are doing it properly while I sleep) will yield a less stressful work environment for me, which is priceless.
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