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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Arrow POLL CLOSED! RESULTS SHORTLY! *** Vote in The Most Epic Throwdown in History!! Noobs vs Vets, Season 2!

The Voting is Now Open for this Throwdown!!

Please support your fellow Brethren and Sisthren and vote for your favorite entry! You can vote for a maximum of one Noobian and one Veteran, or for just the one entry that appeals to you most!

Well the voters decided! Instead of "Cook it Like Moose", the overwhelming choice was a second round of Noobs vs Vets!

Last year's Noobs vs Vets was enormously popular, with 135 entries!
Unfortunately, the Noobs took quite a beating last year...

Here's Last Year's Noobs vs Vets Voting Thread

Will this year's Noob Crew vindicate themselves with an all new crew and better strategy, or will they once again be taken down by the dashing crew of the mighty S.S. Farkanaut?

Only time will tell!

So here's the scoop:

1. This is an OPEN CATEGORY, Standard Throwdown Rules apply, and anyone who has participated in 2 or fewer TD's prior to 5/31/2013 will be on the Noobian team, while everyone with 3 or more TD's prior to 5/31/2013 will be on the Veteran team!

2. MULTIPLE ENTRIES ARE ALLOWED and encouraged for this TD! Enter as often as you like!

3. This Throwdown will last through September 2!

4. You can submit entries from other throwdowns that run during the course of this one!

5. Voting will be decided thusly:

All Noobians and currently enlisted and veteran Farkanauts who choose to participate will each submit entries of their choosing. The winning group will be decided by a tally of most votes, i.e. if the Noobians have the most collective votes, the Noobians win.

You may submit entries that are cooked from Friday 5/31 through Monday 9/2.

Entry pictures must be submitted by 6 a.m. Central US Time on Tuesday morning 9/3.

Click here to READ THE RULES for the BBQ Brethren Throwdown...

ENTRY THREAD IS HERE. Entries and QUALITY on-topics posts only.

Click HERE to go to the off topic, often nonsensical discussion thread.

Best of luck and even better eats to all!
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