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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
Drove by your place today on the way to Sam's Club in Mishawaka. I use to stop there for breakfast quite often about 20 years ago when work took me down that way. It is a good location and I'm sure you will pack em in if the food and service are good.
Originally Posted by Rstevens View Post
I remember when that place was called "WILLIES" years ago. Can't wait to try it under your control . I only live a few miles away. That is a good location, I never saw the parking lot full under any other owners except Willie. I think your about to change that! BEST OF LUCK! I'LL be watching.
Neil, Rstevens, yes, apparently Willie's was big back in the day. Willie's was before my time moving to the area, but it's been amazing how everyone I talk to around here when I tell them what place I bought they immediately get excited and bring up Willie's.

What kind of place was it back then? From what I gather it was a great late night stop after a night of drinking, or a good breakfast in the morning. But I could be wrong.

Originally Posted by Sticky Fingers View Post
Do you have an target opening date set? I'm very excited, I only live 7 min away from there. REGULAR.
Hey, nice to see another local. Small world when it comes to BBQ I guess. I'm hoping for a late July open, but I know how these things go and the delays there will probably be along the way, so realistically I'm thinking early August.

And just a quick update for anyone else following. It's been a long week trying to gut the place. Tore out a bunch of cabinets, shelving, hauled away unneeded kitchen equipment, removed all of the gutters on the outside of the building, patched up all the interior walls, etc. To say I'm sore would be an understatement.

But some good news, the health inspector got back to me this morning and he's awesome. I know the inspector before this guy started was a real tool and difficult to work with, but I think this guy is going to work out great. He isn't being a stickler and today said I can skip most of the lengthy plan review that's typically required before any real work can begin on the place since this place was already in good standing and that I'm not looking to change much. So, he went ahead and gave me the green light on any construction even before submitting the entire plan/drawings, let alone waiting to get them approved.

So, now I'm just waiting for the contractor to get back to me so that the real work can begin. Otherwise, on the docket next week is to get the exterior sign ordered and hopefully get the new stove/oven ordered (delivered?). And it might be a stretch, but also hope to have the large 3-door fridge sold and removed, and hopefully the buyer for the flat top still comes through and picks that up.

Slow and steady, but things are coming together.
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