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Originally Posted by Teltum View Post
Dude, you are in Medina Co. They have their heads way up their butts. You may wanna try taking to the guy who vends ribs off 42 in Medina right across from the Wal-Greens. He isn't mobile but cooks out of what looks to be a 55 gal drum. I still visit Medina quite a bit, and haven't seen any vendors that do sandwich trucks or trailers. Last one I remember in Brunswick was Buddy's Auctions.

I am orignally from Medina, so once you get it cooking let me know!

I will check him out this weekend. Thanks! There is a guy in Brunswick that sets up on 42 where the old feed and seed was at as well that I am going to talk to. I will let ya know once I get going!
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