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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by bbqjoe
We had a new Q joint open about a few weeks ago. It's 50 miles away, so I'm not too worried.
I had to take an extended food handling course not long ago.
I met the woman who was about to open the joint. Long story short, Ugly,fat,smelly etc. Late getting to class. Late coming back from lunch.
She asked me if cooking was hard, because she had never cooked before.
Said she couldn't find a cook anywhere. The only thing she had to commend herself for was "A BIG SIGN"
She has so many things going against her.
Right across the street from the biggest steakhouse in Kingman. No parking. Hard to get into...... It just goes on.

A few of our regulars went to check them out.

All reviews were awful!
One guy gave them six weeks, his wife gave them four.

She ordered a ribeye. Came out Fried in a pan.

Not a smoker to be seen anywhere. Seems they serve that barbecue stuff you see in buckets at the grocery.

Another guy said all his food was cold. Except the coleslaw!

I don't even have the slightest urge to even try it!
Me too neither!!
Wait! Bigmista wrote a cookbook?

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